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Woman of Steel

Meet Melody. Melody is a super. fucking. woman. Literally and artistically, this lady is capable of bending steel and shredding you with her vocals.

I first met the trainer side of Melody in Pasadena, where she put me through a challenging weight lifting routine that made me sweat and pushed my limits. Once a power lifter herself, Melody owns her own studio in Pasadena called Flawless Fitness, where she trains clients, and trains herself as an old- school strongman by tearing phone books in half, bending pieces of metal, rebar, and horse shoes with her bare hands. She has written and published a book called Pleasure Not Meating You, AND has her Masters Degree. All this and I haven't even gotten to the singer side of her!

Melody sings in a handful of metal bands such as Ed Force One, an Iron Maiden tribute band. Always a singer, Melody says, "music and singing is just a part of me, always has been. It flows through me!" Standing before me in our DTLA studio, Melody brings her hands up to her heart and gestures outward as she says this, and I can feel her passion too. Don't believe me? Just take a listen to this amazing cover of my all-time favorite Allman Brothers Song-- Whipping Post. It's incredible, and so is this super woman!

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