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Dave Cavalier Trio

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Dave Cavalier and I met on a rooftop in west Hollywood. I had put out an open call for artists interested in collaborating on a rooftop portraiture project and Dave showed up, guitar in hand.

At the time I was living in an area of Hollywood that thrived on the perpendiculars of little Armenia and Thai town- one street away from Charles Bukowski's infamous den. It was typical bright southern california weather with a bit of balminess to it; and even though we were just meeting, we had an easy flow like we'd known each other for years. While I scampered across that gritty rooftop, Dave strummed his guitar and flashed his pearly whites.

Dave Cavalier with his many hats and his eclectic ring collection stacked over his fingers. The first day we met, Dave wore a giant brass canon ring perched across his knuckles. Whenever I think of the trio's music I think of that very first day, of that ring, and that shot of energy that sails right through my chest whenever I hear the trio play live.

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