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Tease, if you Please

Tease, if you Please is a classic burlesque show set in the Globe theater, one of downtown LA's most beautiful theaters. As guests filter in the doors they are overcome with a sense of old Hollywood glamour. Gilded frames, ornate tapestries, sequins, ballgowns, feathers, classic suit jackets, bowties..... and that's before they've even taken their seat.

Donna Hood, the producer of Tease, has pirouetted her way across the world and back, worked with the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese, and has performed burlesque all over the world for clients like Playboy, Amazon, and Yelp. While the emcee, Tito Bonito, might bring tears of laughter to your face with his witty reparte; it's the dancers that will make you cry with their achingly beautiful routines.

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