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The Starbreakers

At the whisky one night to photograph another client. The crowd was unusually large, much more packed than usual, and I nudged my fellow photographer in the pit to ask what was going on. "Starbreakers are here with Chris Jericho..." He said, " ... but I'm here for Nita Strauss."

Nita Strauss, yes, her lineage stems from Austrian composer Johann Strauss, is an amazing guitar player. She plays in an all female tribute band, Iron Maidens, plays and tours for Alice Cooper, and generally speaking, is just kind of a badass.

The Starbreakers take the stage. Jill, the lead singer, is a bewitching slender blonde with throaty vocals. Every single woman up on that stage plays flawlessly with flowy manes of hair whipping around them. These women totally kicked ass and rocked the house. Next time they come back into town, I know where I'll be! Check them out!

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